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The Timeless Charm of Dining Room Tables

There was a time when the significance of the dining table was uncertain. It seemed like they had been exiled into the abyss for multifunctional spaces while dinner was eaten on bar stools or in front of the TV while the traditional dining experience was left to restaurants and Thanksgiving.

With deep roots stemming from Egypt, tables were made purely to keep things off the floor. They were crafted from wood and alabaster to eat on and then pushed to the side or under a bed after use. 

The table that used to be a bit of an afterthought is now a quintessential element in home decor. In a world where electronics beacon our attention from the time we open our eyes to the time we close them, the fight to stay engaged with humankind has become a feat but not an impossible one. The dining room tables leave something to aspire to with the suggestive ideology that would lead us to engage in conversation and learn more than the overstimulating qualities of pop culture can offer. 

The nature of the dining table is banqueting and communing

To have a space where the family can gather and create timeless memories. Common knowledge is that it should be more than just a piece of wood and a couple of legs but true art to add to the story of a home. Whether you are looking for a modern, traditional or contemporary flare, you can find what you are looking for here.

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