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Let There Be Light… or Brass Wall Sconces

Sconces were one of the original forms of lighting. Metal fixtures were secured to walls to hold candles that lit rooms and hallways. My, have we come a mighty long way with modern technology and electricity, but the charisma still stands. 

A Sconce’s modish benevolence and suggestive methodology can take on a meaning far more significant than we expect. We mean, we know we are talking about lights here, but it’s true. Sconces are modifiable. With a collection of paired-down designs that remove the fluff and let the poetry of the engineering speak for itself, our collection of sconces is made to upgrade spaces and give them a warm touch of home. 

Gold Or Brass Wall Sconces

Charming fixtures that offer up performances worthy of Oscar Award-winning supportive roles for the way they accentuate modern and contemporary spaces are what we have here. 

Let’s set the scene: a picturesque evening as you sit in bed or park in your favorite spot on the sofa with a book you just can't put down and a cup of tea on the table. The room is charmingly lit by a couple of Odin Wall Sconces. Then, your dog Bruno comes running in, jumps into your lap, and the cutest cuddle session ensues, and you live happily ever after. Was that ending abrupt? Yes, but we’re confident you get the point, they’re in a mood. 

Take advantage of the Poly and Bark sconce collection to give your space a warm and inviting touch.

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