Starck Style Ghost Bar Stool 30"

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Fit for a king, the Starck Style Ghost Bar Stool 30" in Clear is a contemporary take on the style of Charles the First of England. Luxurious, comfortable and super stylish, it encompasses the elegance of traditional design using modern materials and construction techniques.

Inspired by his visit to Spain in 1623, Charles is well known for his love of art which resulted in his personal collection as one of the finest and most decadent in existence. A martyr and religious fanatic, his rule was fraught with wars accusations of treason that eventually led to his execution in 1649.

In honor of this period in history, Philippe Starck designed this modern yet comfortable stool in 2002. Molded in durable and shock-resistant Polycarbonate, this stool will suit any interior or exterior, thanks to its durable weather resistant design.



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