5 Light Fixtures We're Loving Right Now

5 Light Fixtures We're Loving Right Now

Recently we partnered up with a member of our Poly & Bark community @thequickjourney over on Instagram. to highlight a few of our favorites like the Camberly Wall Sconce. To keep the party going, we thought we’d share a few more standouts from of our lighting collection.

Thurston 5-Light Chandelier



This one is a stunner. Situate the Thurston 5-Light above your dining room or kitchen table for an exceptional and quirky mid-century modern vibe. As a gold fixture with glass shades, this chandelier provides stability and value to any decor. Complete the look of your living room and introduce this dynamo for an extra feeling of warmth and luxury.

Classon Glass Pendant Lamp

Accentuate the positive with Poly & Bark’s Classon Glass Pendant Lamp. Pendant lights like this one can be used in any room in your home and are certainly open to interpretation. Most commonly, these lights are utilized in sets and hung over a kitchen island or dining table instead of a chandelier. You can also use the Classon Glass Pendant as a unique alternative to a side table lamp in your bedroom or even as an accent of ambient light in the foyer.

Merrick Table Lamp

Use this industrial masterpiece just about anywhere you please. We love adopting the Merrick Table Lamp as a set for either side of the bedside or couch. GIve your reading nook a little bit of playful spunk including this guy for some extra ambiance. Remember that when choosing a table lamp, you should always consider the correct height of the structure, the size & character of the light itself as well as the other colors and lamps within the space.

Angularity Floor Lamp

Magnify and bring even more character to your home with the Angularity Floor Lamp. It’s fun, unique and bold shape will aid in drawing the eye upwards to highlight your overall design. Complement your already existing decor with warm light and a natural modern shape. As a primary source of light, this fixture can turn unused space into an eye-catching feature for any room.

Camberly Wall Sconce

We just couldn’t leave it out! The Camberly Wall Sconce is small, but not to be underestimated. This incredibly versatile light source can provide accent, task, or soft ambient lighting in almost any room. Highlight and streamline the intentionality of your mid-century modern decor by pairing it with a chandelier or framing your window with a set, just like our pal Liz from @thequickjourney.

Have a unique idea about how to style these items for your home? Let us know with the hashtag #lovepolyandbark