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👻 Scary Cute Halloween Pet Costumes!

👻 Scary Cute Halloween Pet Costumes!

Happy Halloween! You guys have been killing it with the Halloween costumes on Instagram! We love seeing you all really getting into the holiday spirit! We love Halloween so we wanted to put something fun and festive for you guys to enjoy! Pets in Halloween Costumes! Let the costume party begin! 

Our Model today is one of our legged team members, Bambi! 

🎃  Pumpkin

 First, we went with a classic costume, a pumpkin! This costume is super easy to put on your fur baby, and Bambi didn't seem time mind wearing it. The only thing that's a little iffy is the headpiece..


🧜🏻 Mermaid

When we saw this costume at our Michaels craft store we had to get it! It did come with a dog wig but Bambi was not much of a fan... So we ditched the hair and we think she still looks totally adorable! 


🦄 Unicorn

Unicorns seem to be super popular this year, so when we saw this outfit we had to get it! We love how easy it was to put it on, and the hood on it doesn't fall down and cover your puppies eyes like some hoods tend to do! It sits behind her head without covering her ears! We give this costume a 10/10 as well!


👑 Princess (attitude not included)

Ok, this one was so cute but at this point, we think Bambi was over trying on Halloween costumes. We still wanted to show you guys because we think this perfectly represents the "princess attitude" while also showing off the costume. It was really easy to get on and the crown didn't seem to annoy Bambi too much despite the picture above. 


Items in Bambi's photos:


We hope you all have a fun & safe holiday! We will be checking to see all of your gorgeous Halloween decorations and costumes so make sure you follow us on Instagram @polyandbark!