Eclectic: A Wildly Dynamic Cultivation of Cool

Eclectic: A Wildly Dynamic Cultivation of Cool

This week we’re delving into style and doing our best to provide a little inspiration for you and your home. Take a gander below at what we think it means to be Eclectic and how to make your space even better.

You might be eclectic if you’re:

  • A member of boho royalty
  • Wild and adventurous through and through
  • Into challenging convention
  • Whimsical--a dynamic canvas for evolving taste
  • Inspired by bits of all time periods, trends, styles and colors
  • A contrasting character
  • Inspired by the independent beauty of individual pieces and textures

Things to watch out for:

  • Clutter and over-complication
  • Mistaking the lived-in look for a messy space
  • Indecision when it comes to big ticket items
  • Under or over-estimating color choice

Things to try:

  • Hanging plants
  • Layered rugs
  • Vintage mirrors

Top three P&B products just for you:

Eclectic Closeout Deal of the week: