How to Redecorate as You Undecorate

How to Redecorate as You Undecorate

A Smooth Transition Out of the Holiday Season and Into the New Year

Your house was a stunner for the holidays, absolutely gorgeous, the most glorious home the world has ever seen--but now that the festivities are over, you find that you’re regular, year-round living space is in need of a little update. As you un-decorate and begin your brand new year, we’ve put together a guide to help your transition be as fruitful as possible.

Step 1: Declutter

Begin your redecorating journey by decluttering--it’ll be easier to move your room around if there is much less in it. If you moved anything out of the way to make room for your Christmas tree or other decors, give it a second look before putting it back in place. Consider whether this piece of furniture or accent is something that still brings you joy and inspiration. If not, let it go!

Sort through the piles that have collected in your house over the past year. Go from room to room and intentionally analyze the layers of junk that might have accumulated on counters, in closets, drawers or on bookshelves and clean out at least 50% of the treasures you find.

One of the best ways to feel better about your home is to clear it of clutter. Once you clean out everything, take advantage of the open space and find that piece of furniture, picture frame, bookshelf, table, etc. that makes you feel refreshed for the new chapter ahead.

Step 2: Deep Clean

Dust, wipe down, scrub up--while you’re moving things around, be sure to deep clean all surfaces. Use this opportunity to reach areas you haven’t been able to and take the time to truly freshen up your home.

Reorganize that linen closet and snatch up cobwebs--we suggest you even grab a ladder to reach the tops of light fixtures, windows, and door frames.

Perhaps you’ll want to have your carpets professionally cleaned, or pull your faded rug outside to be aired out. Now is the time to uncover your hidden or forgotten dust bunnies--you’ll thank yourself as the year continues to progress.

Step 3: Adjust Levels & Rearrange

Rearrange your furniture to allow for new levels of perspective. Achieve this newness by ensuring every room has multiple levels of light (primary, task, and accent) as well as eye-catching design. Installing long curtains 1-2 feet above a window, elevating artwork, and lowering the height of your furniture landscape can increase the size-feel of the room and make your ceiling feel higher than it is.

You have the opportunity to highlight new areas of the room, whether it be adding more light for your reading nook or showcasing your brand new couch, television, artwork, etc.

Get creative--try out all sorts of new arrangements and dream scenarios for each room. Regardless, your end goal with be a home that feels brighter, more curated, and energized.

Step 4: Update

Before you give up on old or outdated fixtures and run to the store for replacements, consider how you can reinvent them with paint or refinishing kits. Both of these options can be budget-friendly and allow for new life in tired places.

Think outside the box here--use your imagination to repurpose unused clutter you’ve found or old furniture for new and exciting things. Consider these updates an application of the lessons you learned last year, to make this year an even greater success!

For those items no update, upcycle, or reinvention can fix, take the time to invest in worthwhile replacements. Make a wishlist and start your research early so you can purchase these items throughout the year.

Step 5: Amplify & Freshen Up

Lastly, as a finishing touch, we challenge you to amplify your space as you un-decorate. Start with your color scheme--brighten your horizons and your space by keeping your wall colors light and natural. Elevate the power of neutral colors by adding texture with fabrics like open-weave linen, silk, or velvet - keeping a close eye on how the finish of each item reflects or absorbs light--there should be a healthy mixture of both.

Reuse the fresh pine garlands from your mantel and swap in some seasonal greenery. These will further pick up warm colors of the space.

Next, include at least one mirror in every room not only to make it feel expansive but also to reflect warm light. Then add new year-worthy levels of luxury by piling on pillows and the inclusion of a new or layered rug. Top it all off with an extra soft throw tossed thoughtfully, yet casually over your chair or bed.

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