leather vs fabric sofa

Couch Wars: The Leather vs. Fabric Sofa

Leather vs Fabric

One of the biggest questions asked when picking out the perfect sofa is “which couch is best for me and my space”? Picking out a sofa is a big commitment for you and for your room. It's important to look at your lifestyle now and how your couch will hold up as it grows with you!

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before sofa shopping:

-Do you have pets now?

-Will you have pets in the future?

-Do you have kids?

-Do you plan on having kids in the future?

-Do you prefer a stiffer couch, somewhere in the middle, or one you can sink into?

-Do you have allergies?


Although they may be cute, pets can over time damage your sofa if they are allowed on the furniture. Leather sofas tend to show scratches from animal nails but are much easier to wipe clean, while fabric tends to attract hairs but won't show scratches!


Leather sofas are great with kids of all ages! If they are prone to spills it is much easier to clean the leather couch in comparison to its fabric counterpart, which stains easily.


Much like mattresses, your sofas firmness level differs depending on the materials used. This one is up to personal preference! Also, take a look at your location! Are you in a hot or cool climate? Do you have some kind of air conditioning if it does get hot? We suggest going with a fabric sofa in really hot areas because leather tends to stick to you and hold the heat. However, with some kind of air conditioning, you should be perfectly fine!


If you are allergy prone, or just live in an area that tends to get dusty no matter how many times you dust, we would suggest you go with a leather sofa. Fabric sofas tend to hold more dust and dander.

We really hope these questions help the leather vs. fabric dilemma you might be in. Leather sofas and fabric sofas have their pros and cons, all depending on your situation. Be sure to check out our new Napa Leather Sofas & Sectionals, along with our fabric sofas! Don't forget to check us out on Instagram for giveaways, sneak peeks and more!