Always Classic

Always Classic

5 Timeless Pieces of Furniture for Your Home

It can be so easy for our homes to become a hodgepodge of fads. In a developing world of Instagram phenomenon, it is exceedingly essential to cultivate your living space in ways that will last, transcend the trend and be classic.

No matter the circumstance, no matter the time, decade or place--we went out and curated the always classic. Here are five timeless pieces of furniture for your home:

Tufted Sofas

Long before the days of the iconic orange Friends couch, tufted sofas with rolled arms have been a consistent staple to the mid-century modern motif. This classic piece is an investment that evolves with your tastes. Set yours up as a standalone pedestal to your unique personal greatness or give it additional texture with throw pillows and a blanket--whatever feels right to you! Regardless, the tufted sofa is one of the most elegant standalone classics. It looked stunning in Victorian-era drawing rooms, and it will look even more beautiful in your home.
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Oriental Rugs

Whether they’re brand-spanking new or an uncovered treasure from a flea market, oriental rugs are a powerful tool for transforming your home. These widely versatile rugs lend color, pattern, and understated luxury to any room.

While these rugs can be quite pricey, they are worth the cash and rewarding for decades of spectacular and timeless decorating bliss. Play yours up by adding accents of complementary colors or let it stand alone in radiance by surrounding your rug with earth tones and soft textures.  


Woven Chairs

Varying in origin with some models dating over 140 years back, this always-classic bit of decor carries an air of simple elegance that will never go out of style. Woven chairs flow smoothly as a set or a singular, accent piece. The wooden frame brings a level of stability, while the woven base allows for a softening of the chair’s overall texture, allowing it to be a unique decor component without overbearing the room. As a standalone, these chairs are an element of both feature and functionality. Collected together in a dining room or kitchen setting, woven chairs are a fresh reflection of vintage Parisian cafes and well-traveled character.
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Oversized Mirrors

Go ahead honey, open up that room!
Whether in an ornately gold-rimmed or in a simple frame, the oversized mirror is the perfect element for adding luxury and a bit of maximized ambiance to your design. The oversized mirror makes any room come alive with contrast. Hang yours up neatly in an entryway or lean it casually against the wall of your bedroom or office to keep it handy for that one last look before you go.


Tulip Tables

Created as a solution to four-legged tables in the early 1950’s, the Tulip Table is our number five and final classic piece. This timeless table was designed to look like an upside-down tulip flower to allow for greater versatility in the seating arrangement. Not only does it free up leg space, but it also looks fantastic while doing it. Nearly 70 years later, the tulip table design is still an attention grabber. Available in many sizes and materials, this final and uniquely classic design lends itself to whatever age it's in, along with it a sense of playfulness and wonder.
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