Three tips to keep your home tidy ft. @SuperfineHome

Three tips to keep your home tidy ft. @SuperfineHome

This week we enlisted the help of Josie Floyd, the founder of Superfine Home! Josie specializes in home & life organization and is here to help us give you 3 easy steps to help you organize your space!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with physical and mental clutter? Simplifying your living space is a great way to start streamlining your life and reducing stress. Today we’re sharing our top three ideas for simplifying your home in hopes that they help you kick-start the decluttering process:


Set up your space according to how you actually use it

Let’s start with the entryway of your home. Do you use it to store daily essentials? If so, create a system of storage for easy in and out items like keys, bags, coats + jackets, and shoes). In your dining room, choose pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This will help you keep the space dedicated to actual dining, instead of becoming a place that collects stacks of unopened mail!  


Invest in quality, not quantity

When you take the time to source thoughtful furniture and attractive storage pieces, you’re more likely to respect and take care of them, keeping order within your home and maintaining organization.


One in, one out.

Prior to purchasing a new item, think about where it will live, and what it’s replacing within your existing space. It's simple math: adding and never subtracting leads to an inevitable surplus and mess.  Pause before you buy something and think about how a purchase fits into your overall home layout, how it affects your overall design, and what its function will be.

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If you begin to follow these 3 tips your space will feel more organized in no time! Feel free to check out Josie's Instagram for daily tips/inspiration, and make sure to follow us @polyandbark where we host giveaways, post daily inspiration and sneak peeks to upcoming products!