Simple Ways to Refresh Your Rooms for Spring

Simple Ways to Refresh Your Rooms for Spring

After what feels like a zillion years of cabin fever, who among us doesn't begin grasping for any and all signs of spring? Dreams of packing up heavy winter wear are front of mind, and cravings for a fresh perspective at home are kicking in. If you ask us, it's definitely time for a breath of fresh flair!

Below are a few easy, breezy tips for rejuvenating the look of your springtime space.

Look Lively

Though the greenery may not yet be in full swing outdoors, you can beat nature to the punch by bringing lush botanicals and blooms inside. A trip to your local nursery to collect an armload of potted indoor plants (ask for easy-care varieties if your thumb is less than green) along with stylish planters promises an instant dose of freshness. Disperse the plants throughout your living room and dining room furnishings to create a lively look.

White & Airy

Giving your ceilings and walls a fresh coat of white paint revives rooms by concealing the yellowing and humidity stains that can appear naturally over time in any space. 

Similarly, a white-based style palette—which can easily be achieved by swapping out dark-colored pieces with a white-themed accent table, chair, lighting, bedding or decor piece—provides a refreshing, calming and inviting environment you'll adore during the months of sunshine ahead.

But just like springtime itself, dashes of color are always a welcoming element.

Think Warm Thoughts

There's no better way to warm up your home after the cold weather than adding in warm tones like yellows, oranges and reds. Throw pillows and blankets in eye-catching prints are simple seasonal reprieves from the winter blahs, as are bold-hued rugs. A vibrant living room rug, hallway runner or entryway area rug can feed the need we all get for a splash of color in the springtime

Bright Ideas

Finally, a simple yet clever way to brighten your space until days full of sunshine return? You guessed it — add a lamp! By spring we're starving for light, and placing just one extra point of illumination in a room can work wonders when it comes to feeling revived and refreshed indoors while we wait for the outdoors to catch up to our bright and lively space.

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