Home Style Tips For If Summer Is Totally Your Vibe: Our Favorites With @acozycasa

Home Style Tips For If Summer Is Totally Your Vibe: Our Favorites With @acozycasa

We feel it--do you? It’s in the wind, the buzzing of honeybees and the showers of warm rain--summer is almost here! Whether you abide by calendar guidelines to start your seasons or you’re already in full-blown shorts and a t-shirt mode, we’re here for you. Ready and waiting for whenever you need them--here are some simple home style tips for if summer is totally and completely your vibe featuring the Weave Chair in Natural our pal @acozycasa.


Plants, Plants, Plants

Showstoppers and air cleansing powerhouses--you’ve got to have them! The more, the better honestly. Plants have been known to reduce stress and create an overall feeling of well-being within the home, so take you your local greenhouse and collect them all.

Feel free to start out with just a few succulents or a simple Pothos to find your inner plant parent mojo--but know that once you see that gorgeous, natural green draping your walls or sweetly soaking in the afternoon light, it will be difficult not to go back for mom.

If live inner landscaping just isn’t your thing or if you live a particularly jam-packed lifestyle, faux greenery will always be a useful alternative for setting the mood. Overall, we suggest you keep the height and size of your plants varied to cultivate eye-catching levels that will bring both warmth and depth to your space.


Natural Woods & Earth Tones

Keep it simple and keep it light! One of our favorite features of @acozycasa’s home interior is the accent of natural wood, especially from Poly & Bark’s Weave Chairs.

Including a natural hue, as long as the theme is kept across the entire room (doesn’t have to include flooring), has a fantastic ability to make it feel lighter, elevated, and fresh (especially with all that green). When paired with other earth tones and rich accent colors like ruby red, rustic orange, or even a velvety blue, you’ll be able to find the balance of salty ocean waves and boho paradise that you deserve.


Sweet Soft Scents

Keep the scents of your summer home soft, light and airy. Stay away from strong, chemical smelling or sugary smelling candles as much as possible. Introducing a light pine or salt water scent will make your home feel like its plopped right along California’s Highway One.

Lead your guest’s nostrils to a scent that mimics your favorite part of nature and the overall coloring of the space. As strange as it sounds, consideration of all sensory involvement really does work together to create the exact feel and vision you’re feeling for your home. So tread lightly and with intention when choosing the smelly-good vibes for your space.

If you want to mix it up from just using candles, we suggest a small diffuser for essential oils or even more herbal incenses like cinnamon or soft florals like peony.


Dark Low, Light High

Keep your wall colors light like your free summer spirit. Using darker colors on the bottom of your space and lighter on the top draws the eye upward making visitors feel more grounded, your area larger and the decor more open.  

Don’t be afraid to shift the status quo of your home to mimic the juxtaposition of earth and sky--there’s a reason you feel energized the moment you step outside.

If you already have light walls and cabinets but are having a hard time creating a dark lower half of your space--feel free to introduce more richly color rugs and or tan vegan leathers to warm up and soften the room.


Copper & Gold

For that extra summery feel--let’s add a bit of extra shine! Copper and gold of almost any finish will bring any room to a higher level of maturity. Not only will both reflect a considerable amount of light, but also they’ll bring a feeling of stability to your design.

You can mix and match these two colors but do so carefully, allowing one to have a more visibly dominant presence than the other.

Both copper & gold can be introduced easily through ceiling lights, hardware, hanging pans, planters, frames, or even holders for those candles we mentioned earlier!


Clearing the Clutter & Natural Light

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, clear that clutter! Keep only the decor that you see as necessary, and that feels good to you--after all, you’ll be the one having to look at it every day.

Never forget to make the space in which you live your beautiful life inspiring and never include something in your home because of a fad or because you feel like you have to. Find and keep what makes you feel good and allow the rest to find its way to a garage sale or charity of your choice.

Removing clutter allows for more of the essential part of any summer vibe--sun! Leave room for your space to suck in all kinds of extra sunlight for the ultimate summer space.

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