How To Choose: A Dining Chair For Family Dinners

How To Choose: A Dining Chair For Family Dinners

Instagrammer, Wife and Mom of Four, Janene Crossley, is our featured member of the P&B community this week. She just completed a massive renovation of her home and was kind enough to include our Daisy Table and Lucent Chairs in the mix! Check out her blog post detailing the renovation here.

We were so inspired by her full family redo that we decided to dig a little deeper--we found out what it takes to perfect the family dinner table. Here are six things to consider when choosing the best dining chairs for your growing family and home:


Think of the little feet that will be swinging back and forth from these chairs! The general room of thumb for dining chair height is to allow for 12 inches between the set of the chair to the bottom of the tabletop. Between each chair arm, leave 7 inches of space between the chair and spot of your table bottom.

Width & Depth

The average width of a dining chair is 16-20 inches. To avoid both little and big elbows alike from bumping into each other, budget in a gap of about 6 inches between chairs. You’ll also want to make sure you leave enough room for the chair to slide back by providing your guests with about 30 inches from the edge of the table.


When picking chairs for a family, always choose easy and simple maintenance. Non-upholstered options or chairs with minimal fabric will be your absolute best bet. Real or imitation leathers are typically the easiest to clean post-spill. Your cotton blends or ultra suede fabrics will also allow for easy recovery after any accidents, especially those in darker shades.


They have to be cozy and they have to be functional-- a tough balance to strike. When considering the comfort level of your chairs, take the time to review how much time your family spends on them. Do your kids do their homework at the table in early evenings? Do you have a passion for hosting long dinner parties full of deep conversation? Where do you typically enjoy your morning coffee?   Your length of usage should equate to the level of comfort in the chairs you choose for your home.

Head Chairs and Side Chairs

If you just can’t decide on one type of chair, don’t be afraid to mix and match the head chairs and side chairs of your dining table. For families with little ones that might be messier or need to scoot in closer to reach their plate, armless, un-upholstered chairs like Poly & Bark’s Lucent Ghost Chairs are a fantastic choice! For trustworthy parents, softer chairs  with a more luxurious flair are an excellent way to define each end of the table.  

Let us know what your dining room looks like or if you have any additional tips! Find us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging @polyandbark or #lovepolyandbark--we'd love to hear from you!