5 Home Accents to Ring in the New Year Right

5 Home Accents to Ring in the New Year Right

As you approach a brand new, never-before-seen January, we wanted to give you some inspiration to make your home as fresh as 2018. Below are five easy to integrate home accents that will open up new potential for your space and help ring in the new year like never before.

The Merrick Table Lamp

Brighten up the new year by introducing this ultra slim and classic little number. With a gooseneck rod made from iron and a wood base, The Merrick Table Lamp is both earthy and eye-catching. Use it to give generous light to those passion projects you’ve wanted to start, or to the novel you’ve been longing to snuggle up and finish.

Segovia Glass Top Desk

To accomplish great things you need a starting line or a podium from which to speak--let The Segovia Glass Top Desk be that podium. Easy on the eyes, the glass top will also encourage you to start afresh and keep your workspace clean. While boasting functionality for days, it’ll keep your environment open and you more relaxed while you work. So go ahead, don’t be shy, get to it, and make your dreams come true!

Wing Plywood Stool

Soar into a fantastic new year with the Wing Plywood Stool--it’s trim design will elevate any home office or eatery. Dynamic and light, this particular accent is the perfect first addition to a tired space or the last little dash of flare for a freshly decorated room. Bring a lively energy into your new year with the Wing Plywood Stool and use it as a source of inspiration for where you want you and your home to go.

Liza Sofa

The Liza Sofa is comfort, class, and luxury. Command the room with an accent that provides both power and attention. Use the Liza Sofa to change the flavor of your space, while providing a new level of lounge-ability for everyday use. You know what you want out of the next year, so invite an accent into your home that evokes the same moxie!

The Zen Lounge Chair

Fresh as can be, this brand new addition to Poly & Bark’s collection is the perfect accent for a tranquil space. With overstuffed cushions and an edgy frame, it’s the ultimate balance of light and darkness. Sit here and let your imagination go wild or take a sweet long nap. The Zen Lounge Chair will be your go-to for holiday recovery and new year bliss.

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