how to reduce pet hair in your home

How to Reduce Pet Hair In Your Home

All of us pet parents know that no matter how much you love your little bundle of joy, you may not love all that hair that comes along with them. We decided to put together a guide of our best tips to maintain and get rid of unwanted pet hair in your space! If your space is pet fur-free, your furniture will be much happier and so will your favorite pair of black pants. 

The absolute best thing to reduce and remove unwanted pet hair is to start with the pet. That's right! You gotta get down and dirty and brush them once or twice a week.

how to reduce pet hair in your home - dog on couch

Our lovely model today is Kimba (yes under this furball is a dog). Kimba is a miniature poodle terrier mix. We try to brush her once a week and it helps to control shedding and keeps her cool and comfortable. However, there still are stray hairs that make it onto our couches and clothing. 

Below we listed some methods we tested and also included what we would rate them on a 1-10 star scale.

how to reduce pet hair in your home - tape roller

The Tape Method

We tried many different ways of getting dog hair off of us and off of the furniture. We find that a good old fashioned lint roller is the way to go, but for the sake of science we tried out a few different ways. We gave this one a 9 /10 stars. It's our personal favorite because of the convenience and time-saving. The only reason it's not a perfect score is because it isn't reusable like other options.


how to reduce pet hair in your home - rubber brush

The Rubber Method

The rubber method will make the hair stick to whatever you are using. They sell rubber brushes but you can also use rubber gloves (think dishwashing gloves) too! All you have to do is rub the area and the hair will follow. We're giving this one a 5/10 stars. However, unless you want a good arm workout, this method might not be for you.

how to reduce pet hair in your home - velvet brush

The Velvet Method

Velvet lint brushes are nice because they are reusable, unlike their tape lint roller counterpart. They work pretty well and they aren't hard to clean off after! We would rate this one an 8/10 stars.

how to reduce pet hair in your home - pumice stone

The Pumice Stone Method

Pumice stones are usually used to remove dead skin from your feet, however, these rough rocks can also be used to remove pesky hairs from your upholstery! Just lightly slide the stone across the fabric and watch it work its magic! We only recently found out about this method, and although it’s cool to use the stone in a new way, I wouldn't say it has the best results. There were still some stuck on hairs that wouldn’t budge. We're giving this one 4/10 stars.

The Dryer Sheet Method

Have you ever been running late throwing on your outfit and when you think you're all good to go you notice the horrifically hairy scene on your clothes? Been there, done that. Here's your solution! Take your clothing and put it in the dryer with dryer sheets! The sheets will attract the hair off of your clothes onto them. As a bonus, you'll have fresh-out-of-the-dryer warm clothes. Who doesn't love that?! We give this method 8 /10!

Here's a link to our Sofas & Loveseats for you and your pets to enjoy :)

We hope these methods help you guys out! We would love to see your pets! Tag us in your pictures with your furry friends @Polyandbark on Instagram and make sure to follow us to see our stories. We always have someone’s puppy in the office, along with discounts, giveaways, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks!