It's All Lunar To Me

It's All Lunar To Me

Calling all fanatics of time and space! In honor of the Blood Moon and this month’s full moon reset, we’re talking about how to let go and refresh your habits for a more calm, relaxed, and de-stressed life. Here are some unique ways to let go in 2018 and reset.


Write It Out

Sit down, turn off your TV, unplug, place yourself in an environment that inspires you and think. Think about all of the thoughts that have been running through your mind these past couple of months and do your best to push them out onto paper. Are you frustrated at work and want to move on? Do your kids challenge you in ways you never thought possible? Have you been dying to find love and frustrated with the prospects? Or, are you simply run down and neglecting attention to self-care? Just start writing and don’t stop until everything is out of your head.

Now instead of these thoughts racing through your mind, you have a tangible object to tackle. Get to work by addressing each thought directly on another piece of paper (i.e., bullet points, picture map, whatever have you). Write down at least one step you can take to change the things you’re unhappy with and work to create achievable goals for growth and intentions for change.


Take a Bath

Set yourself up for some solid self-care. Draw up a bath and fill the atmosphere with your perfect peaceful concoction using ingredients like salts, flower petals, essential oils, herbs, bubbles, candles, soft music, warm lighting, etc.

Not only does a bath soothe your skin, improve your circulation and naturally calm your senses, it’s also a significant practice in setting time apart for yourself. The act of curating a devoted experience for your own benefit is enough to soften any harsh gaze you may have subjected yourself to. Take the time to let your mind, body, and soul mellow out.


Read One Book

Instead of committing to the overarching I-just-wanna-read-more attitude, devote yourself to just one book of any size, subject, or mystery you choose. The idea is to turn off the television or media altogether and push your imagination to another facet, even if only for a short time. You never know, one book could turn into one more and maybe even one more after that.This could develop a healthy habit out of passion instead of obedience to a rigid rule in your life. A rule of that kind will almost always be broken.

 If books aren’t your thing or you’re already an avid reader, shift your perspective with music instead. Listen to albums in full length and let your mind wander.


Look Up at the Stars!

 The stars are brightest this time of the year in December, January and February, so take time to give ‘em some love! Make a habit of looking up and wonder what could be. No matter your age, occupation or situation, let your imagination escape the rational thinking of adulthood and remember what it’s like to be playful. Forget how to take yourself too seriously and remember how small, yet significant you are in the universe. Reset by reminding your mindset of how to have fun and let that fuel your desire to do exactly what you want to do!


Have any other ideas on how to rest this full moon? Let us know! Tag us @polyandbark or use the hashtags #lovepolyandbark #resetwithpolyandbark.