poly and bark napa leather sofa buying guide

Napa Leather Sofa Buying Guide: What You Need to Know!

We have received a lot of excitement and some awesome questions about our new Napa Collection! Here are some frequently asked questions and some cool facts you might not know! We know there are a lot of similar sofas out there so we want to provide you guys with the info you should know before making a purchase! 

poly and bark napa leather sofa buying guide - aniline dyed

Aniline Dyed

Our Napa Collection pieces are pure Aniline dyed. This means our leather is dyed all the way through instead of just having dyed the surface of the leather. Other companies will just dye the surface layer to save money while also decreasing the quality of the product. We wanted to provide you a piece of furniture that is great quality and that lasts!

poly and bark napa leather sofa buying guide - feather down

Feather Down

When you sit on one of our sofas or sectionals, it feels like you are floating on a cloud! They're so comfy and give you great support without that “stuck in the mud” foamy feeling. Most companies will only use foam on their products, while we decided to provide maximum comfort by adding feather down in the seating cushions, seat- back cushions and bolsters.

poly and bark napa leather sofa buying guide - reinforced


We know buying a sofa or sectional is a big commitment so we wanted to make sure we kept our side of the bargain by making our sofas reinforced so they last longer! How do we do it? We corner block the inside to create a stronger frame. To cut costs - other companies will skip this step and you will definitely notice. By not reinforcing the structure of the chair, you're more likely to see broken or wobbly legs over time.

poly and bark napa leather sofa buying guide - full grain

Full Grain

The leather we use for the Napa sofas and sectionals is full grain! This means that we don't buff out our leather so our sofas have all of the beautiful natural characteristics, emphasizing the natural beauty of each hide offering a unique look to each piece!

We hope we helped answer some of your questions! Of course always feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team if you need any additional information. We love chatting with you guys! Also don't forget to follow us on Instagram @polyandbark for behind the scenes, giveaways, design ideas and updates!

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