cozying up: how to stay warm at home

Cozying Up: How to Stay Warm at Home in the Winter

It’s freezing outside; it’s dark and windy--all you want to do is build a blanket fort and stay bundled up all day. We totally get that.

To keep things a little more put together at home, while still being able to bundle up at a moment’s notice, we’ve put together a list of ways to make warmth easily accessible and luxurious from your home.


Here’s how to stay cozy, snuggly, and warm at home:

1. Fuzzy Up

    Introduce extra fabrics, rugs, and pillows to warm up your space as a whole and give it a softer tone. The extra padding will warm up your feet and your body from the start.

    Allow for some or most of these new additions to be accent pieces in your space--throw them underneath a corner reading chair or layered for a unique effect. You can also choose to throw a fuzzy rug over the back of a side chair for extra cushioning to maximize the level of luxury and snuggliness.


    2. Stack & Hide

      Introduce stackables into your design motif--make piles of cute folded blankets a part of the flow and therefore easily accessible when needed. Make sure these stacks match your overall decor and compliment your color scheme well.

      If stacking and folding isn’t your jam, pick up an extra large basket or two to be utilized for both storage and a decorative boost.

      When in doubt, hide the warmth! Utilize drawers and other existing storage areas to create secret treasure troves of gloves, hats, and blanket scarves (perhaps within the blanket pile). Store an extra set of slippers for you and your family under low-sitting furniture or in a covered basket for easy access.


      3. Stop The Leakage

      Draftstoppers--they’re not just for grandmas. Often in older homes, outside-letting doors have difficulty sealing out 100% of the cold winter air. This lack of seal contributes to both your lack of warmth and a higher energy bill.

      Find yourself an adhesive stopper to act as a permanent solution to the problem, find a removable bean-bag like option, or take to Pinterest for a DIY option to better blend into your decor.

      In the same way, your home’s windows can also let in a lot of cold air--invest in some glamorous and weighty curtains to keep the warm air trapped indoors on those extra brisk days.


      4. Arc It

        Trick your mind into thinking there’s a bit of sunlight with Poly & Bark’s floor lamps. While it’s not a heat lamp, there is something to be said for the placebo effect.

        Choosing an arc floor lamp over a regular floor lamp brings the direction of the light downward and keeps it more concentrated than a typical overhead light. Close your eyes, and you’ll believe you’re relaxing on a salty Italian seaside.


        5. Get Power Hungry

          Connect your space heater, seat heater, or electric fireplace safely to a universal remote and feel the victory over winter blues from your cozy throne. Feel even more power by connecting your light fixtures so you can stay bundled up!

          BONUS TIP: Keep hot tea and cookies on hand at all times.

          Keep a hot beverage without too much caffeine flowing through your veins. Bake some cookies to complement the flavor of your drink. When the cookies are ready to enjoy, leave the oven door open to warm up your home.

          If you’re looking to warm up your home just before the winter months, our products are perfect to get you started. Check out our cozy categories below: