Shop The Look: February Giveaway

Shop The Look: February Giveaway

Shout out to all of you fantastic ladies and gents who entered our first giveaway of the year! For those of you who had your eyes on something special, we’ve put together a little shopping list so you can treat yourself to the giveaway look.

Here’s what we gave away this Valentine’s Day:

$100 Gift Card to Poly & Bark

While P&B is still working our gift card game, this one might be a bit tricky to buy for yourself or your pals. But wait--you can always snatch yourself a 15% of discount code by tagging your Poly & Bark furniture on Instagram or stay tuned for future giveaways and larger prizes!

Lindsey Letters Print  - “The Best Part of Waking Up is You” 

'The Best Part of Waking Up is You'--this lovely print is the perfect gift for that special person in your life or just for you! Hang it up in your breakfast nook to add a little sweetness to every morning and every cup of joe. It’s a consistent reminder to hold close to the best parts of life and find peace wherever you’re at in life.

Stumptown Coffee - Peru Churupampa Roast 

A truly stellar roast from the people at Stumptown Coffee Roasters, the Peru Churupampa just had to be a part of our fantastic Valentine's Day Giveaway! Stumptown knows how to do things right, so we definitely consider this bag o’ beans to be quite a treat. Brew it in your french press, chemex, or favorite coffee maker and be prepared for a glorious journey with every cup.

Moka Pot Coffee Brewer

Give yourself the gift of this intentionally low volume brewer for 4 rich and concentrated “espresso” sized cups every morning. The Bialetti Venus Moka Pot--a fancy update on the 1930's Italian classic stovetop brewer. It's gorgeous and bubbles up a fantastic “faux spro” coffee experience.

Swell bottle  - Marble, 17oz.

This gorgeous 17oz. bottle that'll keep your beverages ice cold or extra, extra hot. If white marble isn’t your style, S’well has dozens of other patterns and colors to choose from! There water bottles allow you to stay professional and hydrated for any setting and occasion.

Magnetic Poster Hanger

Available in various size and color options, these poster hangers allow you to easily showcase any print. Because they’re magnetic, your artwork will receive little to no damage and be easily swapped out for alternative prints so you can change your inspirations on the daily.

Shop the giveaway look from Poly & Bark:

Set of 2 Pink Burton Armchairs

They’re pink, they’re fun, they’re gorgeous. Brand new to the shop, this new twist on our classic Burton Armchair is definitely a sight to see! Bring a cool modern vibe to your home or next gathering with these accents to show of your unique personality and style.

Daisy Side Table

The Daisy 20" Marble Side Table elevates any modern interior space with clean lines and luxurious detailing. The stunning tabletop delivers natural beauty with beveled marble and simple style.

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