Apartment & Dorm Room Decor Essentials

Apartment & Dorm Room Decor Essentials

Moving into a dorm or apartment for the first time is exciting, horrifying, and a once in a lifetime experience. It's your first time on your own and yeah you got to choose your childhood rooms decor.... when you were 12, but now you get to start fresh and decorate your new spot however you want! We decided to put together a guide to help you guys who are moving into your first space because let's be honest, we've been there, did that and learned a lot of do’s and don'ts. So take our advice and start out your year with some of these simple tips that will save you some stress in the long run!

Storage, Storage, STORAGE!

When it comes to tiny spaces like your soon to be home away from home, storage is key! Yeah, it's awesome you get to deck out your spot in anything you want but don't dip out on the storage. When planning out the perfect storage system for you, think about where you have space that isn't really used. My two personal favorite places to store things are 1. Under the bed (who's really hanging out under there. No one.) and 2. In the closet under my hanging clothes. I would suggest getting the flat plastic tubs that side under the bed because you can store extra bedding, towels, snacks, or even more clothing. For the closet, we suggest getting the plastic drawers. These can be used for a number of things. Personally, they are used in my closet as clothing overflows. Anything and everything that doesn't fit in my dresser winds up in these drawers.

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Furniture That Fits

Ok, so most affordable apartments might be a little dated/old but hey, you can spruce it up and make it awesome right?! Well yes and no… When moving into an older building it's always wise to check out the doorways...Yes, the doorways! Older buildings have slimmer doorways making it a huge task to get your brand new furniture pieces through them. Luckily some bulkier furniture comes in pieces now so you can get it through the door, like our Napa Right-Facing Sectional Sofa..

A Splash Of Home

Getting homesick when you first move out is bound to happen, however, there are ways to reduce the blow! Taking things to school with you that reminds you of home is a great way to make yourself more comfortable in your new space! Fill your room with pictures of friends, family, and even pets!

Add some personal touches such as posters, rugs, and fun nick nacks that really show off who you are and what you like so it actually feels like your space.

Don't  Go Overboard

Take it from someone who did this… DON'T GO OVERBOARD! What I mean by that is do not overbuy. It's really easy to go and get all of these awesome ideas while you're furniture shopping, but it's important to remember the size of your new pad. You would not believe the amount of furniture I bought before moving into my first off-campus apartment. It turned into a game of Tetris trying to fit everything into my tiny room.

Overall, only buy the necessities before moving in and save all the rest for after you figure out your layout. You'll have a much better idea of the space after staying there for a few days and a clearer image when shopping for pieces!

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