Bring Spring Indoors: Your Startup Guide To Fresh Cut Flowers

Bring Spring Indoors: Your Startup Guide To Fresh Cut Flowers

Spring is upon us, friends! As we’re preparing to spruce up our spaces with some of the season’s first blooms, here are some quick tips on how to bring fresh cut flowers into your home.


The Foundation

Start with a vase--vessels with a wider base allow for arrangements to be set up in a way where the flowers will not be sticking straight up. Those with a narrow neck will allow for the flowers to be held in place if your arrangement is quaint.

Once you’ve chosen a vase that suits your vision, be sure to cut your flowers with extremely sharp scissors or a knife at an angle. The angled cut will allow each flower to absorb the most beneficial amount of nutrients from the water. If the flowers are floppy when received, you may sear the ends of each to give them a little extra vibrancy and longer life. At this point, you should also remove any leaves on the lower stems for more room when arranged in the vase.

Before placing your flowers in water, prepare it with various nutrients available at your local flower shop. If these aren’t available, many suggest adding a teeny tiny amount of sugar and bleach to your water to expand the longevity of your fresh blooms.


The Arrangement

When curating your arrangement, consider each type of flower’s unique smell. While flowers smell fantastic on their own, you want to make sure that the scents you are choosing to pair together are complimentary. Nobody wants to go overboard and make their house smell like the class gaggle of elderly women in an elevator. Even when the aromas are pleasant, ensure that your scents balance each other out instead of overwhelming the room.

When it comes to the physicality of your arrangement, begin by working biggest to smallest. First choose your primary focal point flowers and then compliment the larger blooms with smaller ones for support. Keep playfulness in mind here and just have fun! Experiment with various textures and greenery overtime to find your favorites and develop a style that is all your own.

If full arrangements aren’t your aesthetic, choose a favorite single-stem flower and place it sweetly in a medium height narrow vase for a more minimal feel.

If you have flowers left over or want to go above and beyond in your love for spring, mix it up. Compliment your primary arrangement by surrounding it with smaller ones or coordinating ones around the room. Personal touches are important here so go after whatever feels best to you! Celebrate the simultaneous coziness and excitement that accompanies the newness of spring. Make your space feel as fresh as the season to both maximize your decor and boost your mood.


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