How to Transform Your Thanksgiving Dinner - 4 Easy Steps!

How to Transform Your Thanksgiving Dinner - 4 Easy Steps!


Stunning photos by Ashley at @Modernglamhome

Less is more

It's always fun to decor a dining table, but for this holiday you may want to avoid filling up the space. What we mean by this is don't overcrowd your table, make sure you leave some room for all the delicious food! Or serve your food in the kitchen or on a side table. This will provide you with maximum decor real estate!


Seating Seating Seating!

I don't know about you guys but my family seems to never stop growing in numbers! People get married, have kids, start dating, and family friends come over and by the time we know it were out of chairs and on the search for more seating! We always keep a few extra fold-up chairs just in case, and they usually do the job! Another thing we have done in the past is for our kid's table! We purchased a bench that matched out dining set that the kids used. Why a bench? Some chairs tend to take up more room than they really need to, and with a bench, you save a lot of room!

Give it some personality

To set the scene to invest in a few seasonal table elements such as pastel-coloured napkins in spring and metallic tealight holders in winter. Table settings should reflect the overall theme and style of the space and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Search out coloured linen napkins, interesting placeholders and quirky table decorations. Combine different materials such as glass, wood and metals for substance and interest. Table centrepieces shouldn't be so tall or large that they get in the way of conversation across the table. You could also position generous-sized floral arrangements and tall candles on a sideboard or storage console to add some height and drama.

Create a focal point

Base your table theme around the centrepiece or focal point of the table! It's a great way to express your personal style, while also pulling everything together cohesively. In the photo above our good friend, Ashley @modernglamhome used pampas grass - which is really popular this year! 

Our picks for your Thanksgiving Dinner!