Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sofa The Couch Criteria You Didn’t Know You Needed

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sofa The Couch Criteria You Didn’t Know You Needed

A sofa can be a big investment so it's natural to want to take your time. When deciding, you may even spend hours sifting through reviews weighing all of your options to see what is out there. we get it, we’ve done it and can’t say that we have any regrets about the amount of time spent making sure we got exactly what we were looking for. Although the process isn’t unique, bringing a different perspective to the table can be valuable while journeying through endless catalogs of varietal sofas, fabric samples, measurements, color pallets, vibe checks and so much more to make sure you get exactly what you want. When it comes to Poly and Bark, there is no settling, there is something for everyone, a design that meets a need, a sofa just waiting to be the subject of a lazy lie in and a home for relaxing conversations and waiting in anticipation of new memories to be made.

It is widely agreeable that the sofa is the centerpiece of the home and a focal point to carry the eye. It is where we do our best Olympic gold medal level streaming, deep dive reading or just taking in a moment to relax. Relaxation is a big deal. In a time when we refuse to be overworked and where our mental health is crucial to our well being, a space where we can safely land and get a break is an essential piece of living well and we all want that, right?

If you are serious in your quest to find a sofa, you have a checklist for what you are looking for, and if this world is short on anything when it comes to sofas it certainly isn’t the variety. So let this guide steer you in the right direction to help you choose yours. The good news is, with style, quality, affordability and comfortability, you’re already off to a good start just 

by being here so let’s dive right in and take a look at some of the baseline criteria that make a sofa worthy. It is also important that we throw in a couple of tips and suggestions from our catalog to help you reimagine along the way. These sofas elevate spaces and assure the promise of comfort without compromising style and affordability. The variety they offer in styles, colors, finishes and sizes means that no matter the layout or square footage, no one is left out of the conversation. 

Couch Criteria

The checklist of all checklists
A few elements were briefly mentioned earlier but we are going to camp out here for a while and go over a few in detail. For argument’s sake, they are going to be listed in no particular order so you can plug and play as you see fit according to your needs.

A few elements were briefly mentioned earlier but we are going to camp out here for a while and go over a few in detail. For argument’s sake, they are going to be listed in no particular order so you can plug and play as you see fit according to your needs.


A big one is comfortability. I am not sure I know anyone who would compromise comfortability when it comes to settling on a sofa. All other criteria fall in line after this one. One thing about sofas, they have the range but it ultimately depends on preference and lifestyle. This means paying attention to the inside just as much as the outside. It can tell you a lot about the anatomy of what you are getting yourself into. Maybe it’s not so black and white but somewhere

on a spectrum between what you like and what will make your guests comfortable enough to stay for a while. As we all continue riding on the wave of intentional living, the quintessential play without question for comfort would be the Rue Sofa. 

Rue Left-Facing Sectional Sofa

To give your space a more casual and warm feel The Rue Left-Facing Sectional is a perfect example of how a sofa can be a multi functioning hygge and give you everything that you need. The Rue gives texture, form and contrast. This Boucle sofa finish adds quality and character while the slimness of the stiletto legs make it feel as though it is floating. Oh, to look and feel as though you are relaxing on a cloud. With Boucle gaining popularity and momentum, it rounds out a contemporary feel that straddles traditional lines with touches of modernism and brings it home to a space where you cannot help but to just be and bask in the joy of the visual depth created with a pop of contrast. The Rue also comes in a coveted Pewter Velvet Gray. There is no way you can go wrong with either option.

Durability/ Quality 

In terms of toughness, for those of you out there with young children, durability would be a big thing and color wouldn’t be that far behind. Children can test the wear and tear of just about anything so kid proof durability is a must. Something to keep in mind about durability is to know the primary function. It does not have to be set in stone but to have a general idea can help in the long run. This fact alone can influence style, materials and durability but they should not cancel each other out. Materials matter because it is important to have something with longevity. This should also make you consider something that can be easily cleaned or at the very least maintained without a big fuss. 


Materials closely follow durability because you’d need to land in that comfortable space between style, durability and materials. Sofas carry a lot of the load. Being an anchored focal point to draw in and bond other décor pieces together, displays the importance of needing to take into consideration the story a space will tell and that is just as much conveyed in materials as it is in style and function. You can go the route of a leather couch or sofa where the older it is

the more beautiful and classic it will look, retaining oils and nostalgic smells that will live on for years to tell the stories that are held dear to a family’s heart.

Canale Sofa

The patina finish gives it the authority to sit in a room and demand your attention. The Channel tufted layers elevates it just above classic, reimagining its roots to give it a more matured contemporary footprint. This charmed timeless sofa brings character. Curl up on this sofa with a hand knit blanket, a cup of hot tea for a social media scroll or a book in front of a fire while walls draped heavily in custom wallpaper to truly make it stand out. This cognac leather sofa is honest and layered and deserves to be treated as such. 


Think about the area that your sofa will live in and what its primary function will be. If you are looking for something where relaxation is mandatory and top priority, something with a chaise might be best for you, something a little deeper than the average sofa that will make it easier to cuddle up and unplug. For sitting rooms and conversational spaces, you may want something with a higher back to promote good healthy posture and attentiveness. It won’t hurt if what you’re sitting on can start a conversation as well.

Lea 90.5 Velvet Sofa

One thing about a green velvet sofa, it is legendary. Adding this to a space will absolutely bring the mood but let’s consider pairing it down by making it the focus and well appointed piece that it is. It is meant to sit center stage and draw people in with the clean lines and classic shape, the lumbar pillows give it a traditional flare that makes it flow across styles. It is such a classic aspirational piece to build around and curate the perfect lounging experience. The clean lines and the rich color makes this sofa the hub of a conversational sentiment. 


What is the sofa being used for? This is constantly a question because it matters. A standard sofa has a depth of about 21 to 24 inches with a back height of roughly 26 to 30 inches. For a sitting room, it’d be wise to keep your sofa depth a little more traditional and upright for conversation. Now for a family/ living room, depth can be considered a little more freely. Sofas are less formal and are more multi-use in these areas so catering to versatility would be the right way to go. Use your discretion here and be true to what you feel is right for functionality.

Dema Fabric Sofa

The Dema Fabric Sofa comes in Bright Ash, Twill Black Indigo and Outback Tan that has a beautiful contrived patina look and feel to it similar to the Canale Sofa. Perfect for lounging or getting some work done while kicking up your feet. The Dema suggests a modern flare with a contemporary edge. It calls for naps and leisure by accentuating lumbar pillows to aid in premium rest and relaxation. The Deep seat boots comfortably and makes it worthy of a good book. The platform wood frame adds dimension and depth to give it a tailored and collected but relaxed feel.


A functional sofa is my favorite. And if it's occupying a smaller space, it has to function in multiple capacities like as an office, the space where you take your meetings, the sanctuary where you relax, a space where guests can come and take a load off or stay the night. Rethinking size to accommodate function and form is not a sacrifice when you can still get things done. so keep an eye out for the ones that accommodate smaller spaces and comfortable functional apartment living. The last thing you want is a sofa too large for a room where you have to edit your life to get around it.

Mineta Right-Facing Sectional Sofa

Mineta Right-Facing Sectional Sofa

This apartment size sectional sofa is compact and cozy. The stiletto legs give it a Mid Century Modern motif but could anchor a Boho space if need be. This refined and collected sofa brings an element of clean and timeless living and does not compromise style for functionality or comfort.


In recent months, there has been a rise in color preference over neutral. People generally choose a sofa with easily accessible color pallets to make pairing less of a headache. It benefits when color isn’t feared and boldness comes through to tell a story. Black is making a 

comeback to add value, high contrast and to ease anxiety. That is not just a nod to children or to those who use their sofas as a dining room table but also the entertainer or pet parent who just needs a little assistance in high traffic areas. Although, an alternative may be best for our long haired furry friends but it is still something to think about in the long run.

Mateo Leather Sofa

Mateo Leather Sofa

We round out our list of worthy suggestions with the Mateo Black Leather Sofa. This sofa is unique with foam and polyester blend filling with feather down and fiber blend cushions so they do not have to be fluffed often to retain their original shape well. The sofa sits on stiletto legs in a brass finish adding attractive height and sleekness. The Mateo Sofa comes in Onyx Black and Cognac Tan. The low back with padded cushions makes it perfect for relaxing and taking in a moment of stillness after a long day. For an ergonomic flare, a sofa like this can be played out in both high and low contrast spaces or a healthy eclectic mix of the two. Whether you are the modern rustic, minimalist or more traditional type, you can’t go wrong with the Mateo. 

Now that you have a well rounded index of how to choose the perfect sofa, nothing is really stopping you from starting now. These ready to ship sofas are changing the game. Clicking any of the sofas above will have you on your way to never ending rest and relaxation.