The Perfect Rug!

The Perfect Rug!

We are so happy about our new rugs, we wanted to help you guys out and give you some info before purchasing! Adding a rug can change a whole rooms look and feel. Designers often look at the rug as the anchor of the room's decor, so before adding a new addition to your magical abode here is a list of things you should know:


When looking at different rugs you want to note the color of the different threads. Lighter coloring helps smaller spaces look much larger, while deeper and darker colors make the room seem smaller and create an intimate feel. If you have pieces in your current space that are bright/vibrant you should look for a soft or muted rug to provide some awesome contrast.


Rugs come in many different materials. There are shag, wool, silk, cotton, natural and synthetic fiber rugs and apart from feeling very differently, they all deal with foot traffic, pets, and kids in different ways!

Low traffic areas: silk, cotton

High traffic areas: wool, natural fibers, synthetic fibers,

Rugs that are made of silk and cotton don’t have a great amount of durability to them. They feel amazing but over time will start to show some wear and tear. These rugs are best used in areas with less foot traffic such as your bedroom. If you are looking to place a rug in your living room or dining room, we suggest a rug made from wool or natural/synthetic fiber materials. These tend to hold up much better and show less damage over time.

Easy to clean: Wool, synthetic fibers

Hard to clean: Silk, natural fibers, cotton

You also want to look at how easy your new addition will be when it comes to cleaning. If you have Kids, fur babies, or its just in a part of the house that always winds up dirty,  we would suggest going with a wool or synthetic rug. These are much more forgiving when it comes to cleaning!

Check out our Low pile rugs - ( Best for high traffic areas & easy cleaning! )







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We hope this helped make your choice easier! Don't forget to have fun with it, a rug is a great way to add color and texture to your room, while also showing off your personal style! Please tag us @polyandbark and show off your design skills. we love seeing how you guys transform your space with our pieces!