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5 Tips for Adding Pops of Color to Your Mid Century Styled Home

Your bags slam to the floor, your front door gently closes, and you take your first look around your house after a life-changing vacation. If it looks a little drabber than you remember, or you're just ready for a shake-up, here are 5 tips for adding pops of color to your mid century styled home:   


Invest In New Artistic Interests

One simple first step would be to take your favorite snapshots from those wildly rolling landscapes still reeling through your retinas and create a few high-resolution prints. Frame these like the trophies you deserve after walking all those miles and line two or three neatly on one wall. If your resolutions are high enough or the colors even bolder, you may even want to go for a 36" x 72" or larger to create one jaw dropping statement piece.

If photography isn't your forte, you may find inspiration in vibrant geometric prints or the fruits local artisans to help you achieve this look with just as much grace.


Integrate a Show Stopping Light Fixture

Find an arch light, an actual set-styled light, or a new chandelier to help bring your space into a whole new spectrum. Show off your pad and create a spotlight that will show off all of your fantastic taste and pops of color, day or night.

Introduce a few colored pendant lights to your neutral kitchen or bar to bring a tasteful and healthy amount of drama into the scene. This will elevate the sight line of your space by simply making it brighter and charmingly easier to see.


Need a More Intense Space Lift? Add a Rug Underlay

Noticeably lift everything in the room with an energetic, oriental-style rug with a modern twist. This will bring new layers of depth and create a refreshing new perspective to your space. Your rug could take many shapes and names: red, fire truck red, geometric, tasseled, faded, shaded, rectangle, diamond, blue, blush, or woven. The key is to find the pop that pops most to you.

When it is all said and done, mid century modern is about keeping lit that spark of classy, but fun. Find a rug you truly enjoy and let your personality shine.


Play With Focus

Instead of allowing your television to be the center of attention, add a pop bold color to one wall, invest in that pink velvet armchair you've been wanting, or if you're really ready to go for it, the velvet sectional, and really steal the show. Use one or more accents to generate a vivacious landscape of your own.

Bring in some bright yellow stools, or a funky side table to act as a staple statement piece for your collection. Make these pieces functional, but excitingly so.


Raise the Knick Knack Factor

Small color can be mighty color. Allow for a fine, finishing touch by including fresh flowers, new colorful coffee table books, or a new pillow collection, as you see fit. Remember, these items will be the easiest to mix and match even daily if you please. Allow your refined and cultured taste to continue to develop over time, adding small nuances and pop color tributes to your space.