In the Wild: The Slat 5' Bench

In the Wild: The Slat 5' Bench

Versatile, stylish and always on trend, The Slat 5' Bench is a true chameleon of furniture design.
Iconic in its own age and now, we want to show you 3 of the most beloved uses for this staple of American modernism so you can get to work on bringing your own unique style and flavor.

Entryway Benchmark

Slid up against a wall or window, the Slat Bench provides an inviting first seat for visitors in your home. Since it is so straight forward in its design, the bench can easily be moved to fit large or small spaces and then decorated with plants or pillows.

This is the most literal use of the bench, using it as a bench. Who knew!
Feel free to hang coat hooks or provide little baskets beside or below to allow for a stash of items you’ll need to grab on the go!

Coffee Table

We often see the Slat Bench also as a coffee table - great for stashing books and magazines, the surplus bums of your visitors, and for holding dinner dishes or party drinks. Because it doesn't take up much floor space, or eye space for that matter, it makes for the perfect small area coffee table. Think studio or small apartment living rooms.

As a coffee table, this bench is clean and without abilital bounds. It’ll transform well in both a range of single and family lifestyles.
This elegant design can easily be transformed into an already styled space. For less than $200, it’s an upgrade you and your guests will appreciate, lending that dash of *zest* and intentionality you’ve been looking for.

Bed & Foot

Rounding out the list we’d love to point out that the bench is often placed elegantly at the foot of the bed. Here, it's used for when you need some extra seating or another spot to throw the outfits you just tried but aren't wearing out (it happens, be prepared folks).

Tie your bedroom together but adding more definitive structure without stealing the show. Use the bench to stack blankets and books for lazy Saturdays, or for when you need them most.

Where would you put your Slat Bench? Find it here and let us know below!