4 Rules for Holiday Decorating

4 Rules for Holiday Decorating

Have your Christmas decorations ready for the season? Whether you've had your Christmas tree up since Halloween or are just starting to spruce up your space for the Holidays..here are a couple of tips to create a homie Christmas space with just the right amount of color and decorations.

1. Replace don't add.

The most prominent mistake ever made in Christmas decorating is adding your holiday nick-nacks to the existing decor in your home. The pure amount of objects make things very cluttered and causes confusion to the eye. So instead of adding, replace your decor with your Christmas themed art, lights, and candles.

2. Stay away from red & green EVERYWHERE.

Tis the season for red and green..so why not put it EVERYWHERE? Well, those two bright and cheery colors get very powerful in one space. Consider choosing one of them and pairing it with a nice off-white or cream. The combination will be subtle yet festive.

3. Keep it simple.

The old saying really is true, "less is more." The more you take out, the more you really highlight what you leave in. Pick a few of your favorite holiday decorations and include just those in your space. Spread out the rest in other bedrooms or office spaces. The more spread out and simple your decorations are, the more intentional and beautiful they will appear.


4. Don't forget your greenery.

Bring nature indoors -- it's simple and classy. The small amount of greenery or big Christmas tree will fill your house with crisp evergreen smells and a beautiful natural vibe.  Don't forget the pinecones and cranberries, too!

Happy Christmas decorating!