10 Last Minute Gifts With Heart

10 Last Minute Gifts With Heart

1. A Quarterly Magazine Subscription

Whether it be a copy of Wilderness, Cereal, Darling, or another fav--give the thoughtful gift of a quarterly magazine that caters to the interest of your receiver. You won’t have to worry about it arriving in time for the holidays and your friend will get to experience your generosity throughout the year--receiving three valuable and thoughtfully curated books of inspiration all year long.

Bonus tip: If quarterly mags aren’t your thing, check out record clubs like VNYL and send your friend vinyl records that are hand-picked based on their Spotify account!


2. Sweater

It’s a classic! When in doubt, make them warm--a sweater can not only be a solid gift, but a new and often necessary staple to add to your pal’s winter wardrobe. Give a gift that is reliable, practical, and full of style. They’ll be thankful for you on many, many a chilly morning.


3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Available from Amazon in endless varieties and size, a portable Bluetooth speaker is something that says “you’re an independent man/woman who can choose his/her own destiny, and I believe in you.” Seriously. It’s a gift that anyone will be happy to have on hand for entertaining at home or spontaneously in the park.


4. Brushed Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

    Keep entertaining easy and classic, with a brushed gold (or silver) cocktail set--it’ll give your friend or family member all the tools they need to make you delicious drinks and look fantastic at the same time.


    5. Pour Over & Cold Brew To-Go Bottle

    For making cold brew to-go or whatever strikes the user’s fancy. Pour over aficionados will revel in the portability of this sleek bottle and love its simple design. It comes in a variety of colors for a variety of friends and personalities.


    6. Swell bottle

    Similar to the pour over to-go bottle, the swell bottle brings class and ease to any person’s routine. Offered in a variety of sizes and gorgeous designs, give a gift that will allow your friend to drink more water on the go and remain covertly hydrated in even the most professional of settings.


    7. Headphones

      If you can’t send your pal on a trip, give them the gift of peace and quiet with a pair of noise-canceling headphones--they’re a gift with endless usability and personalization.


      8. Just a whole bunch of wine--A.K.A. a Wine Subscription

      What better way to say you care than by sending your loved one a whole bunch of wine. Wine subscriptions like the Plonk Wine Club or Heartwood and Oak ship wine straight to your friend's porch every month--you can even invite yourself over to sample the shipment.


      9. Concert Tickets

      There are some fantastic and pretty huge tours going on within the next year. Find their favorite artist playing at a local venue or worldwide and give them direct access to their vocal honey. This is a gift that can be incredibly meaningful and last minute if need be--visit sites like Bandsintown or Pollstar to see what’s happening nearby!


      10. Curved Plywood Lounge Chair - Shell Chair

      A gift that provides infinite support for a cuddly night, entertaining, or working from home. The Curved Plywood Lounge chair is a sturdy, reliable refuge for every posterior and personality.