Holiday Gift Guide - Thoughtful gifts for a cozy home

Holiday Gift Guide - Thoughtful gifts for a cozy home

1. Log Cabin Incense Burner

Bring the outdoors to your secret santa by making their house smell of Balsam all year long. This log cabin incense burner comes with enough incense to get them started and even directs the smoke up the chimney for an extra dose of homey charm.


2. Light

Nothing says “cozy” quite like the soft glow of an arc light or table lamp. With fewer hours of sunlight in the winter-evenings, give a gift that will make your friend feel like they’re relaxing on the Santorini seaside.


3. Throw Pillow Set

Pillows add a level of coziness and personality to a home, but can be surprisingly expensive (roughly $25 a piece). By putting together an arrangement of 2-3 pillows, you have the sweet pleasure of giving a gift someone might not normally purchase for themselves.


4. A French Press

Paired with a  few cozy mugs and beans roasted at your favorite local cafe--a french press is a perfect and simple way for your friend or relative to take their coffee drinking habits to a higher caliber.

Imagine a cold crisp morning, beams of sunlight stretching through the windows, and a beautiful brewer settled on the kitchen table--steam rising from your mug as they pour you a cup and hand you a fresh plate of bacon.


5. Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

Give your guy or gal pal a gift that will make them feel decadent, like this whiskey decanter and glass set. Toss a few whiskey stones in with it to allow for maximum chill time at the end of each day.


6. A Book of Poetry

The second and latest release from Rupi Kaur, ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list earlier this year. Her words will bring a healthy thoughtfulness and contemplation for the winter months.

We also suggest a few classics from Robert Frost, John Dunn, and/or short stories by Flannery O’Connor.


7. Wall Hanging

All too often, a homeowner can be caught trying to create depth throughout a space. When the amount of frames and photos have become too many--give a bit of warmth through texture by gifting a dip-dyed macrame wall-hanging or a tapestry to be hung in a living room or bedroom space. The choices are endless!


8. Dried Greens / Palms

Finally, a simple finishing touch that can last throughout the winter. Give your friends professionally dried greens like these beautiful wreaths from Terrain.